1:009 16.11.2020 ISSN 2181-0486 EISSN 2181-0508

Zahid Zakir


In quantum and gravitational physics, a large set of fundamental problems have accumulated over the past hundred years, which shows the incompleteness of the formation of basic theories. In the paper solutions a number of such problems, presented by the author recently, is reviewed. Unlike other hypothesis-based attempts, the new solutions are based on physical principles and empirical facts, which makes the new formulations of basic theories more consistent. Problems of a "technical" nature, arising due to deviations from known principles, are solved by consistently following them. Other problems were solved by introducing new principles or changing old ones, but also on the basis of facts. Consequently, these solutions in this or a more refined form will enter the new physics initiated by them. The contours and prospects of this new physics are considered. The reasons of the long time crisis in fundamental physics and ways to overcome it are discussed. It is shown that the main reason for the crisis were deviations from the methodology and ethics of natural sciences, and the new physics began to form as a result of the return to them.


ISSN 2181-0486 EISSN 2181-0508

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