The journal “Quantum and Gravitational Physics” (QGPh) – is published by the Centre for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (CTPA) (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) since 2020.

The journal is published in English and Russian in printed and electronic formats. UzAIMC license No. 0256 from July 31, 2019

Editor-in-Chief: Zahid Zakir, PhD (Phys.), CTPA.

Phone/fax: +998 712 676 998 , E-mail: , ORCID

To the authors. To publish scientific, educational and popular science articles in the corresponding sections of the journal, the manuscript should be sent to the editor in the electronic form, preferably in the Word with MathType formulas. E-mail:

At preparation of the manuscript, it is recommended to use as a template one of the articles published in the journal. If necessary, the template will be sent to those authors whose articles are approved for publication.

Online publication. Articles accepted by the editor will published in the electronic version of the journal and become available for free discussion. One can comment them on the corresponding page of the site or directly sending emails to the editor or the author. Based on the results of the discussion, the author, in agreement with the editor, can improve the article. In some cases, the editor can to attach a brief review of the discussion to the electronic version of the article.

Peer reviewing. All articles submitted to the journal will be reviewed. In some cases, when the author and reviewer agree, the peer review may be in an open format.

Printed publication. Articles corrected during the discussion of the electronic version will be published in the printed version of the journal. A list of changes in the original electronic version will available on the website.

Announcement: The website of the journal is under construction.